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Weekly Resources

Below are all the weekly resources and the online platforms where you can find them.

Join us for either the 9am or 11am Sunday Service online at After the service check out one of our Micro-Campus experiences or Growth Track. Growth Track is just our process for telling you about Substance Church. More more information on what Growth Track.

Every Monday We’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram a New 7-Day Bible Study. The Bible study is laid out using the acronym S.O.A.P.

S - Scripture: Each day there will be a different chapter from the Bible. Spend some time reading the scripture and writing out some key verses.

O - Observation: Having read the Scripture, take 5-10 minutes to write down the things that you found interesting. Also write down a quick recap of what the chapter was about, who was talking to who, and list the different characters who played a part in the story.

A - Application: After reading the Scripture and writing down your Observations, take time to see what from the scripture reading could be applied to your life. Was there a discipline that was highlighted in the chapter that you could apply to your life. Maybe the chapter was about peace so you write down a few things that will help you rely on God for peace.

P - Prayer: Prayer is such an important part of this process. Prayer is where we dialogue with God about what we read, observe, and the things we want to apply to our lives. Reading the Bible this way alone is great, but is even better when you have people to go through it with.

Every Tuesday our Youth Pastor, Parice Bayer, will be posting a short devotional. This devotional is designed to help students understand and engage with christian disciplines like, Bible reading, Prayer, Fasting, Etc.

We have Youth Connect Groups that meet every Wednesday via Zoom. Zoom is a free platform that allows students and leader to meet on a group video call. To Join a Youth Connect Group click the ‘New Student’ button at the top of the page. 

Youth Connect Groups are based around the message from the previous Sunday Service. Each Connect Group may have a different meeting flow but each group will talk about these things.

  • How students are coping with all that's happening with Covid-19.
  • Discuss the previous weeks Sunday Message and the S.O.A.P. Bible reading plan for that week.
  • Talk about ways they can invite their friends to join their Zoom Calls, how they can serve their families and friends in this time, and what verses they can memorize.

Students in the Connect Groups will also be encouraged to participate in Inviting their friends to join their Groups, Serving, and Memorizing Bible Verses. For each of these areas students can earn points and the Connect Group that earns the most points by the end of the Trimester will win a party. 

The points are posted on Instagram and Facebook.

We understand that this is an unprecedented time and we want to help you as parents engage with your family. Thursday we’ll highlight a different insight or resource through Instagram, Facebook, and email. If you are not receiving emails see the bottom of this page to make sure that you are kept updated with Substance Youth.

We believe that we have some of the best Youth Leaders around! Friday we’ll be posting a podcast style interview of some of our Leaders. We’ll be asking questions around how they became Christians, why they are Youth Leaders, and some things they want every student who comes to Substance Youth to know.

Parent / Guardian

We at Substance Youth want to Partner with you, Parents and Guardians, to...

  1. Connect students to the local church by helping them find their 4-7 friends and a ministry to serve on.
  2. Help students wrestle with their faith in a safe context by exposing them to a healthy small group community.
  3. Help students identify their gifts and talents and start their development.
  4. Offer resources for parents & families to help engage in this season of parenting.

What is a Youth Connect Group?

Every week we have awesome options for your student to engage in. There are guided Bible Studies, Devotionals from our Substance Youth staff, and different ministry teams to join. But we encourage every student to start by attending one of our Youth Connect Groups that take place every Wednesday Night.

Youth Connect GroupConnect Groups are co-ed groups that are split into three age groups, Senior High (9-12), Junior High(7-8), and 6th Grade. Every week these groups meet on Zoom to meet new people, have a guided conversation led by trained adult Youth leaders, and break into small groups for prayer. The prayer small groups are arranged by gender. Students have options on what group they would like to be involved in. The first e visits to Substance Youth the student can switch Connect Groups to see where they would like to be. Youth Connect Groups meet on a trimester schedule, at the end of each trimester every student can either choose a new Connect Group or stay with the one they were in.

Why Substance Youth is worth checking out

We totally understand that coming to a Youth ministry can be uncomfortable, so we do everything we can to make sure that you feel as welcome as possible. There is a VIP Team that will help you find a place in Substance Youth, making sure you have all the information you need, and they’ll give you a gift on your first 3 visits.

Here’s how you join a Connect Group

Step 1

New Student Registration

Step 2

Anytime between 6:30pm and 7:15pm get on Zoom to meet the VIP Team. We want to introduce ourselves and give you a gift.

Step 3

The VIP Team will send you a link to join a Youth Connect Group! Easy Peasy!

Stay Connected

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  • Students : Test the key words ‘substance youth’ to the number 31996.

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