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substance youth prepares and releases students to the next step of their faith journey


We totally understand that coming to a Youth ministry can be uncomfortable, so we do everything we can to make sure that you feel as welcome as possible.


  • Help Students find their 4-7 friends and true community within Substance Youth.
  • Create places for students to serve, find ownership, and develop passion within the Local Church.
  • Provide an intentional leader that  encourages students to take next steps in their faith journey.


Youth Connect Groups are co-ed groups that meet every week. These groups meet at one of our campuses to have a guided conversation centered around the previous Sunday morning message led by trained adult Youth leaders and break into small groups for prayer. When the Connect Group breaks into prayer small groups they are arranged by gender. Students have options on what group they would like to be involved in. Click the link above to find the options for Youth Connect Groups this trimester. 

A Connect Group is based around that Sunday's message with a focus on leading students to love Sunday morning church and find friends to grow in their faith with. A Small Group can be focused on any topic or activity that is approved by Substance Youth Staff. Our hope is that as we offer both Connect Groups and Small Groups  we are able meet the specific needs of students and families. 

(The Online Guide for the fall trimester will be updated September 13th)

A typical trimester is 15-16 weeks. After each trimester Youth Connect Groups and Small Groups will take a 2 week break. There will always be consistent Connect Groups for students to join, however at the beginning of each trimester there will be new Small Groups offered. 

All of our Connect Groups and Small Groups are listed in our online Guide under the category “Youth”. There you will find the names and emails for the Youth leaders, a quick description of the group, and the times and locations of where a group will meet. 

We love our 6th graders! To help with the transition from Substance Kids to Substance Youth every Wednesday we have the 6th Grade Experience. This is a space for 6h grade only to help build a solid foundation that will be built on when they move into 7th grade and join a Youth Connect Group. In the 6th Grade Experience they will be participating in Youth Alpha, the Feed curriculum from OneHope, then in the summer a 6th Grade only Connect Group style setting. The 6th Grade Experience information can also be found in the Online Guide.

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