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prepare (v) - Made in advance for a future use.

What is Prepare?

Prepare is an onboarding and training course for those interested in joining Substance Worship.


There is nothing more nerve-wracking than walking into a new situation to play worship for the first time. There can be so much to learn in the beginning, like:

  • when and where do I load in my gear?
  • what do I need to bring?
  • how do I mix my in-ear monitors?
  • what is Planning Center?

Questions like these can create anxiety and affect your playing and leading. The goal of this course is to create a safe space to ask and answer all of your questions about leading worship at Substance Church! Allotting time for learning and community building before your first time on the platform allows you to lead dynamically and with increased confidence.


We are always accepting applications! Once we have enough participants to form a band for a full PREPARE course, we will reach out to accepted applicants to schedule.

Questions? Shoot us an email!! We look forward to seeing your application and audition video.

PREPARE Auditions

  • This is a low tech audition. Most people use their smartphone to capture what we need to hear and it works great.
  • We have a specific song that we'd like you to audition with that is reflected within the Dropbox links below.
  • Video Auditions are ongoing and we are happy to accept them at any time!
  • Record a video of yourself playing or singing the song.
  • Vocalists, if you can’t accompany yourself, play the song in the background and sing over the top. Make sure you are singing the same intensity of the original composition.
  • We need to hear the song and your voice/instrument!!

Things we will be looking for:

  • Heart for Worship
  • Comfortability with the song (preparation)
  • Strength of playing (wrong or right notes)
  • Accuracy of parts (drums, you too!)
  • Style (feel)

When you are ready, please send your videos to


Please choose which instrument you'll be playing. When you click the appropriate link above, you'll find the following files:

  1. Chord Chart
  2. Performance Track (With “Click” and “Cues”)
  3. Practice Track (With “Click” and “Cues”)
  4. Song

The “Performance Track” is the same exact file as the “Practice Track,” but we took out your instrument for you to play over. The lead vocal has also been removed.


When you click on the appropriate link above, you will find the following files:

  1. Chord Chart
  2. Song
  3. Performance Tracks Folder (With “Click” and “Cues”)
  4. Practice Tracks Folder (With “Click” and “Cues”)

For you we have given a folder that contains “performance tracks”. This folder has the song without the main vocal in it. We have the original key and also three semitones above and below the original key in an attempt for you to choose a key that works best for your voice.