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prepare (v) - Made in advance for a future use.

What is Prepare?

Prepare is a five-week onboarding and training track for those interested in joining a Substance Worship Team.

Purpose- There is nothing more nerve racking than walking onto a new band, new stage, new audio engineer to play worship for the first time. There are so many things you have learn on the fly that day or that rehearsal. It can create anxiety and affect your playing/leading. This course takes all of that and  outs it in a non threatening course where you have the emotional margin to spend on learning and meeting new people rather than performing and being in front of people. So when it comes to:

  • Where do I load in?
  • What time?
  • Where are the mic stands, batteries, wireless packs.
  • How do they use Planning Center?
  • Creating an In-Ear Mix.
  • What about gear?

Expectations- As a participant of Prepare, you are expected to attend all five sessions, minus one. We allow you to miss one session in the case of family emergencies, car issues, and any other unforeseen or even planned circumstances that may arise. Our purpose behind this requirement is to ensure your role in the ministry is taken seriously, to be respectful of your bandmates, and to foster a consistent and community-oriented learning environment for all participants.


There has recently been a change in scheduling. Previously we had three standing options at the beginning of each trimester. We have moved away from that and are now ALWAYS accepting applications and Audition Videos. Welcome!! Once we have enough participants to form a band, we will reach out to accepted applicants for scheduling! Click on this LINK to learn how to submit your Application and Audition Video.

Questions? Shoot us an email!! We look forward to seeing your application and audition video.

Wondering what PREPARE is like?

Watch this video to hear some fun experiences!!


We use a mixture of staff and core volunteers to coach in this course. There usually is a coach for each instrument represented in the band. Between all the tech and theory it takes to be on the worship team, there is quite a bit to learn. But don't worry, you got this!
That's why we have these coaches!! We have been told that having these coaches share from their experience is one of the best ways people learn exactly what they need to know before being on a team.


Husband, father, singer, songwriter, carpenter, general contractor, avid learner, gear-head, lover of all things musical, and last but never least disciple of Christ. He and his wife Julie have two little girls: Aria and Avalyn. He’s been on stages performing for more than thirty years, been a paid singer for almost twenty, and is part of the original launch team of Substance Church. He’s led in front of thousands of people and performed with hundreds of musicians. He’s very opinionated and a stickler for body mechanics whilst singing.

Substance Christmas Service 2018


Kelly is on Substance Staff as a project manager and vocalist/vocal coach. She has loved leading worship at Substance for the last eight years, and has enjoyed the opportunity to be coaching and raising up the next wave of vocalists. Professionally and classically trained in both voice and piano from elementary school through college, Kelly loves teaching about proper breathing and singing techniques. Cheering on other vocalists as they learn and grow is one of her favorite things about the worship ministry at Substance!



Currently on staff in the Worship Department at Substance. Maxwell has 14 years of musical experience which started with intensive training in classical theory and jazz theory, composition, and arrangement. He has played multiple instruments in groups around the Midwest and taught lessons at the Halstead School of Music and Classical Music Academy. He has experience and knowledge of music software, specializing in Ableton Live. He has also taken 6 years of professional voice lessons and has sung in musical groups and choirs around the nation. Maxwell loves electronic, funk, soul, and chordally insane music.

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Angie is on staff in the worship and media departments and has been leading worship here at Substance since 2010. She has been singing since before she could speak (according to her mom) and has experience as a live and session background vocalist. Angie is passionate about raising up worship leaders and is looking forward to helping other women live up to their potential as vocalists and leaders. She has an affinity for the music of Brooke Fraser, Mutemath, and is a little obsessed with Amanda Cook. Angie loves hyperbole, Saturday mornings, Target, and her little family. Her proudest accomplishment are her super cute & squishy babies, Louie & Georgie.

Substance Christmas Service 2018


Zoey is on staff at Substance in both the Media and Worship departments. She started performing on stages when she was 8, and began using her musical passions for leading worship at 16. Having gone through the Prepare course as a student herself - she can relate to the vulnerability of taking this next step, and would say it’s totally worth it! Encouraging others about walking in freedom and authority as worship leaders is something she is passionate about, as well as giving reminders about practical ways to be more comfortable on stage. When she’s not at Substance, she can usually be found doing life with her new husband Artem - writing music, playing video games, cooking, and making tons of trips to Target.