What are Substance Teams?

At Substance, we want each person to find 4 to 7 friends to do life with and volunteering is a great first step! A lot of our volunteer teams serve on Sundays, yet we have other opportunities as well. Check out our listing of Substance Teams below! As members of Substance Teams, we have community, reach out to 'the one', and do the task.


All of our volunteers make up various ministry teams throughout the church. Joining one of our teams is easy:

  • Fill out the Volunteer Interest Application
  • Fill out the Background Check Form
  • We will follow up with you and place you on a team this week!

Fuels the rest of our ministry teams by preparing and providing meals, snacks, and drinks.


Makes all who come through our doors feel welcomed and at home. If you have a smile and a high-five to share, this team is for you!


Making the very first impression for guests, this team is for energetic, friendly people who don't mind a little outdoors!


Helps create a comfortable environment in our services that people can focus on and enjoy the worship experience.


Creates a welcoming atmosphere for people by providing friendly hospitality and free coffee.


For volunteers with a flexible schedule and administrative skills who can help with midweek admin needs.


Maintains a spirit of excellence throughout our campus by providing a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility ensuring a great experience for all.


Inspires the next generation to love God, love others, and change the world.


Creates an environment for students (grades 6-12) to explore their faith, get integrated into the local church, and find their 4-7 friends while growing in their relationship with God.


Provides a place for people to receive personal prayer at the end of each services as well as praying over the church and prayer requests.


Responsible for creating a professional and excellent audio/visual experience in all our services and events


Keeps our facilites safe and running smoothly while assistng anyone in need.


Help us raise funds by selling Substance merchandise in our store. All proceeds go towards Heart for the House.


Leads people into God's presence and draws them closer to Him through music and worship. Visit for info.


Sets the tone in the lobby before the service starts for a fun and relevant atmosphere.