Are you new to Substance? Or have you been coming a while and you still feel new? Join us at “START”- which is a short luncheon that happens on the 1st Sunday of every month! Downtown Campus 12:45-2pm // Northtown Campus 12:15-1:45pm. You will learn about our history, our future, & a few more insights on how you can live out your dreams here at Substance. [Free lunch + childcare is provided!]


After you attend “START”, come on back for “SHIFT”- which is a 3 week experience [starts on the 2nd Sunday of every month + ends on the 4th Sunday of every month] Downtown Campus 12:45-2pm // Northtown Campus 12:15-1:45pm. Have lunch on us while you learn about Substance’s model of church as well as how to find your place here. You’ll also meet with staff and key leaders to find the ministry opportunities that fit you and your family! [Free lunch + childcare is provided!]