We have an all new Growth Track here at Substance. So here is the deal: whether you're new to Substance or have been around for years, we want you to go through our new format & experience! It will help fast forward your connection here.
We understand how busy your schedule is so we've made it easy!


STEP 1: A 45 minute class on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

STEP 2: 5 online videos that you watch at home! It's the perfect format to binge while wearing your pajamas!

STEP 3: Once you've finished the online videos, come back and let's have lunch together! This is a 45 minute experience to celebrate and enjoy lunch with our pastors!


We promise you, this will accelerate you in the journey of finding your 4 - 7 friends (helping you know God and find freedom), and finding ownership within the local church (discovering your purpose and making a difference!)


Downtown Campus 10:15am or 12:00pm

Northtown Campus 10:00am or 11:30am [childcare provided]