Propelling our 2020 Vision

This is the greatest expansion in our churches’ history. We have acquired two new buildings, experienced rapid growth in our weekly ministries, and have filled our parking lot for our mid-week events!

We want to invite you to be at the heart of some exciting new expansions happening at Substance! Together, we can fast-forward the life-giving impact Substance will have on our families, coworkers and friends in ways we’ve only dreamed of.


  • Build additional auditoriums for continued discipleship growth. Imagine Substance Youth filling an entire auditorium and additional space for Substance Moms, men’s groups, and the ministry you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Add a full video-wall and new lights to enable us to communicate the gospel in exciting new ways.
  • Build out sustainable economic engines that help pay for ministry. Think childcare, bookstore, restaurant and local parterships.

  • Fully purchase the building.
  • Develop it into a state of the art campus.
  • Restore the prayer tower for prayer over the city and future generations.
  • Build a fully functional restaurant/cafe.
  • Build a multi-purpose venue.

let’s propel our 2020 vision together