Fast Forward November 2017

Join Substance on November 12th and 19th by giving towards the Fast Forward Campaign and by participating in one of our vision tours at Historic Wesley Center. 

Vision Tours:

Join us on November 12th and 19th at 10:45a and 12:45p at Historic Wesley Center for tours of the beautiful Wesley building. You will get a chance to see first hand the things that we are dreaming about with our fast forward campaign. Come and catch the vision and pray about how you can give towards our offerings. Click HERE to get directions to Wesley and information on parking. 


Fast Forward Offerings:

To date Fast Forward has been able to add over $600,000 towards purchasing Wesley. At this current rate we will be able to purchase Wesley with in a year. On Sunday November 12th and 19th you will have the opportunity to participate in these offerings. Join us in making our 2020 vision a reality by giving towards these offerings.


Propelling Our 2020 Vision

In May 2016, Pastor Peter unveiled the Substance 2020 Vision which included having a permanent campus in downtown Minneapolis. In the fall of 2016, we were able to sign a contract to lease Historic Wesley with the ability and intention to purchase it! In November 2016, we began fundraising for Historic Wesley with the goal of purchasing it by June 2018. Thanks to your generosity we simply need $1 million to green light phase 1; which includes: purchasing Historic Wesley, installing air conditioning, upgrading audio, visual, lighting, and the kids environment! We will be taking up special offerings November 12 and 19 for this campus. In addition, these Fast Forward funds are also helping upgrade expansion at our Northtown Campus!



  • Build additional auditoriums for continued discipleship growth. Imagine Substance Youth filling an entire auditorium and additional space for Substance Moms, men’s groups, and the ministry you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Add a full video-wall and new lights to enable us to communicate the gospel in exciting new ways.
  • Build out sustainable economic engines that help pay for ministry. Think childcare, bookstore, restaurant and local partnerships.



  • Fully purchase the building.
  • Develop it into a state of the art campus.
  • Restore the prayer tower for prayer over the city and future generations.
  • Build a fully functional restaurant/cafe.
  • Build a multi-purpose venue.

let’s propel our 2020 vision together