If you’ve come to Substance in the last few years, you’ll know that we start out every new year with a season of fasting. Of course, nobody “has to” fast; but, when you understand what the Bible teaches on fasting, you’ll realize: we “get to” fast.  It’s actually an incredible opportunity.


Our fast starts on Sunday, January 5th and goes through Saturday, January 25th. ​We encourage everyone who is a part of the Substance family to join in on the fast. 


So how do I participate?  
Well, quite simply, pray about what God would have you fast & simply join in, January 5th through the 25th! Spiritual disciplines like this can actually be quite fun when you’re doing it alongside a big group of people.
And keep in mind:  Fasting doesn’t merely mean: abstaining from food.  You can fast almost anything.  In the truest sense, fasting is a process of abstaining from something for the purpose of worship, prayer, and self-discipline. You can fast sugars, candy, social media or Coffee and be completely in tune with the purpose of fasting.
And it’s worth it. And here’s why: Its one of the few spiritual disciplines that reveals the truest state of our self-denial muscles. And if that sounds scary, consider your alternatives: Crisis and moral failure also reveal this.  So, we have a choice: Preventative Humility vs. Humiliation.
Pastor Peter often says, “one thing is for sure:  This can be your best year yet, if it’s your best year spiritually.”  So don’t miss out.  Let’s do this together!
If you would like to know more on the subject of fasting, watch the sermon below on Biblical Fasting or read Pastor Peter's blog!