Answers to Substance’s FAQs!

Substance Church FAQs

  • Do you consider yourself to be emergent, emerging, or postmodern? Answer
  • Is Substance ‘seeker sensitive’? Answer
  • How do you define your church? Answer
  • What is the statistically healthiest church size? Answer
  • What charismatic expressions do you practice / permit? Answer
  • How do you structure your church government? Answer
  • What is your greater philosophy on church governance? Answer
  • Do you affiliate with any denomination? Answer
  • How do you define ‘church’? Answer
  • What are your thoughts on home churches, mega-churches, and cell groups? Answer
  • What are the pros and cons of multi-site church / video venues? Answer
  • What is your view on tithing / financial stewardship? Answer
  • What is your opinion on women in ministry? Answer
  • What are the pros and cons of historical forms of government? / How do create a statistically healthy church that’s free of politics? Answer
  • What is your extended theology on tongues, prophecy, and miracles? Answer / Skeptics Guide to Tongues and Prophecy